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Pioneer of Flatwater kayaking in Karnataka. I run the largest flat water kayaking club in India. Every week around 10-20 people come for explore trip(kayak and camp) paddling 25km in total. Also, every week 50-100 people take introductory trip paddling 5km each. Together we paddle 750km/week(24000 km every season, more than half the circumference of earth). With so much paddling every week we are probably the biggest Flatwater kayaking club of India.

With my team at Mulki, you are at the right place with the right people. Let's get into the water and go for some serious adventure.

Introductory: River Shambhavi

Kayak around the island in Shambhavi river. Jump from the kayak. Take dip in river Shambhavi, 3-5 km

Price: 500/person

Time: 2-3 hours

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Explore River Shambhavi

Explore river Shambhavi. Camp near the river at night. Two Day, One night trip. Total Distance 18 km.

Price: 2700/person

Time: 28 - 32 Hours

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Challenger: River Shambhavi

Kayak in the backwaters. Eat local food by the river side. Total distance 20 km. Starting point to palimar dam and back.

Price: 2000/person

Time: 12 - 14 hours

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Sea Kayaking and Kayak Surfing Training

About the course

This course is designed to make each level exciting and interesting. Every Level have some part of skill development followed by Experience(fun exercise) and rescue techniques.

Hi, I am probably the only kayak Instructor/Guide from India who does whitewater kayaking(silver at Malabar River Festival), Sea kayaking(solo karnataka's coastline) and regularly do kayak surfing at Mulki. This training is focused for someone looking to become sea kayaking expert. These skills can also be used in whitewater kayaking

Note: Drinking, smoking or any kind of drugs are strictly prohibited during the trip.

Adventure Stories

River Sita, Udupi

We took our kayak to the backwaters of river Sita in Udupi. Started near arabian ovean, we kayaked till the foothills of Agumbe, where water dried up....

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Kayaking to an uninhabited Island in Arabian Sea

Nightmares of me paddling towards the island in the dark but not reaching still haunts me. I’m not sure if it’s the rocks that are calling me back or my mind not having had the satisfaction.....

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My first solo kayak trip.

I have watched river Shambhavi from past 8 years. I have felt the cool refreshing breeze from the river during hot summer bus ride from my college(Nitte) to Mangalore....

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