After finishing my solo kayaking trip(link to that blog post), I shared the trip photos with my friends on Facebook.

Some of my friends enquired about it and showed interest to do it themselves. Like most of the group plan, it never happened.

In September 2016, I moved to Delhi. I was working in Delhi as a software developer. While I was in Delhi, I missed kayaking and Karnataka a lot. Eventually, I decided to moved back to Mangalore in December 2016.

When I was back I started planning for kayaking again. I did kayaking and camping trip with friends twice, in January 2017 and in March 2017.

I enjoyed my engineering job only for one year after finishing college. After that, I was constantly looking for alternative ways to make living.

While planning the kayaking trip I thought I can reach out and offer this trip as a service.

Slowly website came online, and I started organizing kayaking trip.