Season of 2019 becomes the first season when Manipal University Students discovers kayaking at Mulki, Mangalore.

I have been running kayaking trips in river Shambhavi, Mulki, Mangalore from almost 2.5 years now. Right from the start, I had designed three types of kayaking trips catering to three different type of crowd.

I designed an Introductory trip for students and locals around Mulki(Mangalore, Suratkal, Udupi, Nitte, Karkala, Manipal). A very easy Introductory trip was designed for the people who want to taste the kayaking experience and want to have some fun in the water.

Challenger and Explore trip was designed for people coming from different cities to Mulki for kayaking. Who would like to experience the kayaking to the extreme. During the explore trip we take care of food and stay as well. Explore trip is the perfect weekend getaway to Mangalore.

During initial days of Mulki Adventure School. Explore trip became very famous among the Bangaloreans and hundreds of Bangalorean came to Mulki for kayaking.

This season has taken a new turn and Introductory kayaking trip had picked up very fast among the locals and local students around especially the students from MIT, Manipal.

Participants coming for the Introductory trip wakes up very early in the morning to report at the kayak club at 6:00 AM to see the sunrise from the kayak. In just last month at least 300 students have taken the Introductory trip. With this page, at least 2000 students might end up kayaking by May 2019.

With the rise of kayaking sports in India. Mulki has definitely taken a lead.