I host an unique kayaking tour every year. This tour have limited seat and is also non-profit.

This year we are going to kayak in river Suvarna.

River Suvarna starts from the lush dense forest of western ghats and cuts through the rocky terrain to meet Arabian sea. Western ghats are known to be older than the mighty Himalayas. So should be river Suvarna. River Suvarna could be flowing from 100 of millions of years. River Suvarna is a beauty that very few or nobody might have seen before.

There are 8 seats for this event.

Event Date: October 27, 28, 29, 2017

Total Distance: 65km

Total Time: 3 Day + 2 Night

River Dams:

Camping Location



Day 1

Start early around 6 AM

Paddle with the tide 25km starting from Kodi Bengare Beach

Camp near Puttige Mutt Udupi

Day 2

Start early around 6 AM

Paddle for 15 km to the end location

Camp near the end point it is not rocky location with natural swimming pool formation

Day 3

Start early around 6 AM

Return Back, paddle 25 km

Call the truck and head back home.

Things to carry

Cost Breakdown/person