I had lots for inquiry for kayaking during the Dussehra holiday season. Among them was a dentist(Pradeep) from Bangalore. Pradeep is an avid trekker and a nature lover. He was planning to do kayaking alone.

He reserved one seat for himself and was ready for kayak river Shambhavi in Mangalore. After few days he called back and asked me if he can bring his family along for kayaking. He wanted to take his two kids, one 12 and another 9 and his wife for kayaking.

I had never taken any kids for kayaking before. But I thought I can keep both kids on a tandem kayak, and I can sit on the back seat and paddle them to the destination. After giving it some thought I said him that he can bring all of them along.

Pradeep came down with everything prepared, with tons of homemade snacks that he shared with all of us. Both the kids were very excited and had time of their life on the kayak and while camping in the tent.

They loved it and was excited to go back to school and share it with their friends. Pradeep's happiness could be easily seen on his face. Here are some photos of Pradeep and family kayaking.