Explore River Shambhavi on Kayak

This is the most fun trip to take on a kayak. Start kayaking in the morning, paddle whole day and camp near the river at night. Bake pizza at night and finish next day.

We are certified watersports operator from National Institute Of Water Sports, Goa(Goverment of India).

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On this trip, we will paddle different part of river Shambhavi. We will start the trip near National Highway, Mulki.

On day 1 we will start with basic training which will boost the confident to kayak solo or with buddy. This training will help both swimmer and non-swimmer participants

Basic kayak Training

  • How to paddle sit-on-top kayak the right way

    • How to sit and get out of the kayak
    • How to paddle forward stroke and back stroke
    • How to navigate in the water
  • Rescue

    • The right way to float in the water using life jacket
    • Buddy Rescue: How to rescue your fellow kayaker
    • self rescue: How to rescue yourself with any help
  • Navigation

    • How to navigate the river using Google Map

After completing the basic training we will go kayaking to the nearby beach. We will not be kayaking in the sea. Will kayak till the back of the beach and then walk to the beach. This beach is the most secluded beach of Mangalore/Udupi region. This pristine beach is cut off from the human reach by 3 km. We spend an hour on the beach and then return to the starting point.

Nearest beach is around 4 km away so total of 8km. We will finish the beach trip before 3pm and have our lunch.

Post lunch we can take 1 hour break and then go for sunset kayaking in the evening. which will be around 2km total distance.

After sunset kayaking we will freshenup and prepare our camp.

  • Pitch the tent
  • Start campfire
  • prepare the pizza oven

We will have quick refreshment like some juice and sweetcorn. Followed by baking pizza and some music with campfire.

We will finish the day with light dinner and call the day off

Next morning at 5:00 AM, we wake up and start preparing to the sunrise spot. we start kayaking back to the sunset spot 2 km from the campsite. We will return post sunrise.

Note: Drinking, smoking or any kind of drugs are strictly prohibited during the trip.

Things You will have during the trip

  • 1 Kayak
  • 1 Kayak Paddle
  • 1 Life jacket
  • Common Dry Bag


Day 0

  • Reach Mulki, Mangalore.
  • Freshenup and have breakfast
  • Start Kayaking between 7:00 AM - 9:30 AM. Depending on the tide forecast
  • Finish the basic training by 11:00 AM
  • Paddle 4 km to the beach
  • Refreshments will be available with the guide
  • Spend sometime on the beach and return to the starting point by 3pm
  • Leave the luggage behind and explore the river Shambhavi, come back to base camp before 6:00 PM
  • Barbecue, play music, bonfire, have home cooked dinner and sleep

Day 1

  • Wake up early( around 5:00 AM ) Have home cooked breakfast and leave before 6:00 AM.
  • Kayak back to the most secluded and clean beach of Mangalore - Udupi region.
  • Goto the beach and have fun.
  • Finish the trip before 11:00 AM

Cost Includes

  • Guide Charges
  • Kayak, lifejacket rent
  • Dry bag rent
  • Camping tent and sleeping bag rent
  • Local Guide throught the trip
  • Drinking Water for the trip
  • Day 1 Breakfast
  • Day 1 Lunch(Traditional home made veg food)
  • Day 1 snacks(fruits, biscuits, cake, chocolates)
  • Day 1 Dinner
  • Day 1 Barbecue/pizza
  • Day 2 Breakfast

What to bring

  • Cap
  • Good to wear fullsleve tshirt and full length lower while kayaking, wear something which is easy in water(nylon)
  • Extra Pair of cloths to change after completing the trip
  • Sunglass(not required, good to have)
  • Sunscreen lotion(not required, good to have)
  • toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo(not required, good to have)