Explore River Shambhavi on Kayak

This is the most fun trip to take on a kayak. This trip will not need your strength, it will challenge your determination. It will be fun only if you are ready to accept the challenge.

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On this trip, You carry the kayak from the Arabian Sea to the western ghats. We will reach a dam on the trip. After reaching the Palimar dam we will carry the kayak to the other side of the dam. Salty Sea water from the Arabian sea goes all the way till Palimar dam. Once we cross the dam, the water comes directly from the western ghats(Kudremukh).

After the dam river gets narrow. It's breathtaking to paddle into the beautiful landscape. You won't believe this beauty is such a well-kept secret, and the only way to experience it is by water.

On Day 1, we will kayak whole day around 6-9 hours from morning 7 AM to 4 PM. After starting from Mulki, we will stop after the Kochi-Panvel highway bridge for breakfast. Then paddle all the way to Palimar village. We will have home cooked lunch right before the Palimar dam. After lunch, we will start again and stop paddling at the campsite between 2 PM to 3 PM.

After taking much-needed rest at the campsite we will start again and kayak to the nearby area. We will reach back to the campsite within 6 pm.

We will camp at night and leave for Mulki next morning. Most group is able to reach back by 1 PM.

Things You will have during the trip

  • 1 Kayak
  • 1 Kayak Paddle
  • 1 Life jacket
  • 1 Waterproof mobile case
  • Food including fruits, snacks, 1 traditional veg dinner, 1 traditional veg lunch
  • Common Dry Bag


Day 0

  • Have breakfast
  • Start Kayaking between 7:00 AM - 9:30 AM. Depending on the tide forcast
  • Paddle paddle paddle, stop for watermelon break around 10:00 AM
  • Paddle paddle paddle, stop for traditional homemade lunch at base camp around 1:00 PM
  • Have lunch take rest
  • Leave the luggage behind and explore the river Shambhavi
  • Come back to base camp before 6:00 PM
  • Barbecue, play music, bonfire, have home cooked dinner and sleep

Day 1

  • Have home cooked breakfast, pack out bags
  • Start Kayaking at According to the tide. Between 6AM - 8AM
  • Paddle paddle paddle, reach Mulki around 11:00 AM

Cost Includes

  • Guide Charges
  • Kayak, lifejacket rent
  • waterproof mobile case rent
  • Dry bag rent
  • Camping tent and sleeping bag rent
  • Local Guide throught the trip
  • Kayaking permission
  • Drinking Water for the trip
  • Day 1 Breakfast(bread, jam, banana, glucose drink)
  • Day 1 Lunch(Traditional home made veg food)
  • Day 1 snacks(fruits, biscuits, cake, chocolates)
  • Day 1 Dinner
  • Day 1 Barbecue
  • Day 2 Breakfast
  • First Aid Kit