Introductory Kayaking Trip


On this trip, I will take you around an Isolated island in river Shambhavi at Mulki, India.

Morning 6:00 AM trip is amazing for witnessing the river in calm and cool weather. Less noise and more bird creeping also get to see the sunrise

9:00 AM trip is amazing to witness the river from a kayak in bright daylight. One may imagine that river might be very hot at this time, Surprisingly the cool breeze flow through the river, and the tree shade around the river bank makes it an easy trip. Also, pictures come great on this trip.

Afternoon 3:30 pm trip is amazing to witness the sunset from the kayak

Note: Drinking, smoking or any kind of drugs are strictly prohibited during the trip.

Things You will have during the trip

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A prior booking reservation must be made in advance. Call/WhatsApp +91-8722846295 for reservation.


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