Know River Shambhavi

River Shambhavi is one of the many rivers that originate from western ghats(Kudremukha) and meets the Arabian sea.

River Shambhavi must be flowing from the time when western ghats were formed. Some say western ghats is 150 million years old.

Shambhavi river is approximately 50 km long. Water from many waterfalls in the ghats join to make river Shambhavi. It gets wider as it gets closer to the Arabian sea. At some point, river is up to 300 meters wide.

River Shambhavi is one of the most hidden secrets, it is hardly known or seen by anyone. Till we started kayaking in river Shambhavi, this place was only known by local fishermen.

Apart from the monsoon season the river is very calm and quiet. River Shambhavi has lush green trees across its length.

It is breathtaking to kayak on river Shambhavi. As you kayak, the beauty of river Shambhavi will unravel on every paddle stroke.

Kayaking on river Shambhavi does not pollute this hidden gem. It keeps the river safe for the local community that depends on it, and also for the future adventurer.

River current has very fast current during monsoon season(July - August), it is advised from the authority to stay away from the river during monsoon season.