Help me to paddle though the 6000+ km coastline of India

I started kayaking in 2016, and I have paddled more than 2500km. I am a full-time kayak guide in the city of Mangalore. I have introduced kayaking to more than 1000 people from all over the world.

Recently I completed the solo kayaking expedition covering 240 km coastline of Karnataka.

After the trip I could only dream to do the same for the entire country. India has vast coastline. The Majority of which is still secluded and not documented.

During my trip I will cover 20km/day, which will take me at least 300 days to complete the trip. I will also be conducting free workshop during the expedition.

To support my all India coastline expedition, I need to raise 6,00,000. Raised money will be used to support/buy things required during the expedition. Example: food, electronics gadget for documenting the coast.

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My Water Adventure Journey

Water and water-sports have changed my life forever.


Dec, 2011 First Surf Video

Got stoked after watching sea surfing video on YouTube. Started saving money for the surf lesson, my savings were never enough for the surf lesson.


Nov, 2013 Surf Lesson

Completed my engineering, found a job. Came back to the coast for surfing. Was thrilled to catch some waves.


Feb, 2016 Bought Surf Kayak

I found a work from home job. Moved from hilly Bangalore to coastal Mangalore and bought a surf kayak


May, 2016 First Solo Kayak Trip

Did the first solo kayak trip in river Shambhavi. 2D/1N kayaking trip of 40km


Jan, 2017 Bought a long surf board

Bought a long surf board to surf everyday.


Jan, 2017 Introduced kayaking to 1000+ people

Started Kayak Tour Service in Mangalore. Introduced paddling to more than 1000+ people from all over the country and abroad.


Jan, 2017 Solo kayak trip to an uninhabited island

Solo kayaked to a rocky uninhabited island in the Arabian sea. Reached island after paddling 22 km one way


Jan, 2017 Tendem kayaked Gokarna

Got hooked to coastal kayaking after this trip. Paddled all the beach in Gokarna in less than 6 hours


Jan, 2017 Solo kayaked 220 km of coastline

Started Kayak Tour Service Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Soluta reiciendis deserunt doloribus consequatur, laudantium odio dolorum laboriosam.


October, 2018 Kayak the Indian coastline

Help me solo kayak the entire coastline of India. No Indian has done this before. You can help me by donating to my fundraiser or by becoming official sponsor.