Sea Kayaking and Kayak Surfing Training - Learn Kayaking

About the course

This course is designed to make each level exciting and interesting. Every Level has some part of skill development followed by Experience(fun exercise) and rescue techniques.

Who Should Take this Course

Anyone can take this course. Level 1 starts from very basic and the course moves to the expert level in Level 4. The course is designed for anyone looking to have fun on sea waves or someone planning for the coastal expedition or someone just looking to master something new. I personally use these skills for sea wave surfing and whitewater kayaking and have the plan to do all Indian coastline expedition in future.

Hi, I am probably the only kayak Instructor/Guide from India who does whitewater kayaking(silver at Malabar River Festival), Sea kayaking(solo Karnataka's coastline), and regularly do kayak surfing at Mulki. This training is focused on someone looking to become a sea kayaking expert. These skills can also be used in whitewater kayaking.

Where is the kayak school located

All training is organized at Mulki, Mangalore, India. We have whitewater, sea kayak, and sit on top(several brands) kayaks available to organize the training.