Get Trained To Start With Sea Kayaking

During the training period you will learn to

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Note: Smoking or any kind of drugs are strictly prohibited during the trip.

Things You will have during the trip

  • 1 Kayak
  • 1 Kayak Paddle
  • 1 Life jacket
  • Enough Dry Bag for your luggage


Day 0

  • Reach Gokarna.
  • Freshenup and have breakfast
  • Start training between 7:00 AM - 9:30 AM. Depending on the tide forcast
  • Learn basic techniques(paddling, rescue, floating on water, launching kayak into the sea, coming back to the beach, wave reading)
  • Kayak surf and practice the techniques till noon.
  • Have lunch
  • At Afternoon, go for small kayak tour.
  • Barbecue, play music, bonfire, have home cooked dinner and sleep

Day 1

  • Wakeup early( around 5:00 AM ) Have home cooked breakfast and leave before 6:00 AM.
  • We will go for a long kayak tour of 15km
  • Beach Hopping on kayak, have lunch in the restaurant
  • Come back by sunset and finish the trip.

Cost Includes

  • Guide Charges
  • Kayak, lifejacket rent
  • Guide throught the training
  • Kayaking permission
  • Drinking Water(we will refill the bottles from locals house)

Cost Excludes

  • Restaurnt's bill
  • Food

Cost breakup

  • Kayak and equipment rental(2000/day) x 2 day = 4000
  • Guide Charges(1500/day) x 2 day = 3000
  • Camping Charges(500/day) x 1 day = 500
  • Total = 7500/person + tax

Trainer, Trainee Ratio


A Certificate will be issues to all the participants upon completing the traning successfully


  • Shark Attack: These incedent most of the time only happens in movies :D, there is hardly any shark within 1-2 kilometer from the coastline, so there is very very less chance of any such incident.
  • Sunburn: With proper UV protected clothing one can avoid sunburns.
  • Dehydration: Dehydration can be very uncomfortable, causing headache as symptom. To avoid we must drink water time to time.
  • Bad Weather: There are ways to monitor the weather in 1-2 weeks in advance. This will keep us away from unexpected weather condition.


This training will be conducted in Gokarna starting from 2020

Advance Booking

You can pre-book the slots in advance. Slots dates can be changed, tickets can also be transfered.

Limited Seat: Only 160 participants can be trained in a year

Tickets are also cancelable with full refund

On pre booking, tickets will be valid till 2022