Type of kayak Paddles

Kayak paddles are mostly distinguished by the shaft length, blade shape, and size, shaft shape, feathering, and shaft piece. The paddle can also be distinguished for the material used to manufacture.

Why Choose the right paddle

By choosing an incorrectly sized paddle for your kayak, you risk losing the following.

Paddle Length

Figuring out the right size (length) of paddle is surprisingly straightforward. The wider your boat is, the longer your paddle needs to be. Your height is also a factor, especially for a narrower boat: Taller paddlers need longer paddles. So, paddle makers size according to those two factors (the paddles are sized in centimeters even though the boats are measured in inches).

How to find the right length for your paddle

Factors to consider for right paddle length

If you are 5 feet 5 inches or shorter and your kayak is...
If you are between 5 feet 5 inches and 5 feet 11 inches tall and your kayak is…
If you are 6 foot or taller and your kayak is…


low angle paddlers in general requires longer shaft with little less wide blade. High angle paddler requires short shaft and more wide blade

Paddle material

Commonly used shaft material

The shaft of your paddle is the middle rod that connects your paddle blades and is where you place your hands when angling your paddle. Sometimes, a shaft will have a different material from the blade. Other times, the makeup will be consistent across the paddle. Shafts are either straight, or have a curve where your hands rest to promote wrist dexterity and ease the strain on your hands. Experiment with different blade and shaft makeups to see what feels best in your grip. A comfortable shaft is crucial if you want to minimize stress on your hands and arms, especially during long kayak tours.

Blade design